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Reasons why you should stay back late in the office

5 Reasons why you should stay back late in the office (plus 1 top secret reason)

1. You’ll get a free drop home

In most companies, if you stay back beyond 8 pm, you can use a company provided car or get cab reimbursement. With Ola and Uber fares going through the roof, this can save you a lot of money

2. You can get free dinner

If you stay beyond 9 pm, you’ll usually get to order food and claim reimbursement. You can choose from the best restaurants where you’ll normally never spend your own money.

3. You can get away with doing no work

Since you are “working” so late, no one will question your work ethic. If there’s a delay on any project, you can always blame your colleagues who left office on time – they aren’t dedicated enough. Staying back late is the best way to disguise your incompetence.

4. You’ll get promoted faster

Since you have put in the long hours and sacrificed so much, you obviously deserve promotions much more than others. What have they done apart from working, anyway?

5. You’ll save on AC bills

It’s 35° C even at night in the Summer. You will anyway scroll reels on getting home. Why not do it in the office, where you don’t have to worry about a large electricity bill?

Bonus Reason No. 6 (This one is top secret): You can get an intern

If you stay back late everyday for a few months, you can eventually tell your manager that you need additional resources to handle the workload. Even a cheap intern will do. Now you can get all your work done by him. Always tell everyone that half your day goes in teaching the new intern and so you have even more work to do now. You are now free to watch reels or read posts like this all day.

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