SQL Server Log shipping

What is LOG SHIPPING in SQL Server DBA? Log shipping: Shipping of transaction log files from the primary server database to second server database to get both database in continuous…

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SQL Server Upgradation

What is SQL Server UPGRADATION? Upgrading means, migrating sql server old version to sql server 2012. Before upgradation we need to run upgrade advisor tool. Microsoft sql server 2012 upgrade…

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SQL Server Migration

Migration means moving one (or) set of databases from one server to another server. SQL Server Migration Scenarios Scenario 1: As a part of launch, deployment in the production server…

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SQL Server Automation

Automation refers to scheduling the regular maintenance tasks. Whenever schedule time comes automatically that task will be executed. DBA regular activities can be automated we can get the status f…

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SQL Server Security

Security is the most important tasks for a DBA. we need control the access to sql server as well as provide security to the datal. Levels of SQL Server Security…

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SQL Server Restoration Tutorial

Restoration is a process of using backups to recover the exist database (or) to create a new database in another server. Situations for Restoration Planned restoration Unplanned (or) Accidental restoration…

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SQL Server Backups

Backup means, saving the exact copy of the current version of database in some other location. Situations where backup can use Hardware (or) software failure Natural disasters Internal misuse Hardware…

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SQL Server Databases

Database:  Database is a container which stores data and data objects. It manages data and allows fast storage and retrieval of that data. Types of Databases in SQL Server: There…

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SQL Server installation

Installation Whenever we want to start the installation of the SQL server we need to gather details of installation. SQL Server Versions Version (Name)RTMSP1SP2SP3SP4Sql server 2014 (Heteko)Trail version releasedSql server…

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SQL Server Transaction Log Architecture

Transaction Log Architecture SQL Server uses LSN (Log Sequential Number) in identifying the transaction. Each and every transaction that comes to the log file will associate with an LSN number.…

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