Find Open Transactions on a SQL Server

Understanding DBCC OPENTRAN DBCC OPENTRAN is a SQL Server database console command (DBCC) that lets administrators to access information about the database's oldest current transaction, as well as the oldest…

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Understanding SQL Server Error Logs

Scenario SQL Server error logs are logs that store important information about events, warnings, and errors encountered by the SQL Server instance. These logs act as a valuable source of…

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Certain MDF files growing issues in TempDB

Scenario If you're facing issues with TempDB in SQL Server, particularly with certain MDF files growing while others remain unaffected, it could indicate a problem with the allocation of database…

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Granting SELECT Permissions on a View

Introduction In SQL Server, views provide a convenient way to encapsulate complex queries and present a simplified and abstracted representation of data to users. However, there may be situations where…

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