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Differents ways to prevent your senior from stealing credit for your work

5 ways you can prevent your senior from stealing credit for your work

Credit stealing is very common in corporate environments. The most common instance is where a senior member of your own team (who has 1-2 years more experience than you) creates the perception that he’s the only one working in the entire team.

So here are 5 ways you can prevent it:

1. Document your work:

Keep thorough records of your contributions, including emails, reports, project updates, and any other evidence that demonstrates your involvement and achievements. Having a clear record can be valuable when it comes to defending your work and establishing your contributions.

2. Communicate directly:

Maintain direct communication with your manager and others. Don’t let your progress be reported to your boss indirectly through a senior. That would be a perfect opportunity for your senior to exaggerate his contributions, and downplay yours

3. Seek feedback:

Regularly request feedback from your manager and others on your team. Ask your manager whether you’re on the right track. You’ll be alerted of any potential misinformation being fed to him by your senior

4. Write your own emails

You should be the one writing the emails regarding your work. You should be the one making the calls. The one who communicates is the one who is perceived to have done all or most of the work

5. Address the issue directly

If you notice that your senior consistently and shamelessly takes credit for your work, tell him. Many problems can often be solved just by asking the trouble maker to not do it. Present your concerns along with concrete examples and express displeasure in a professional manner. He’ll probably stop doing it

Most “Office Politics” can be easily solved by tackling it in a mature and professional manner. By following these steps, you can better protect your work and ensure that your contributions are appropriately recognized.

And if you’re among the lucky ones who have a senior like MS Dhoni, thank your stars. Help them and support them whenever they need it

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Yugantar Gupta