How to get all statistics information for a database in SQL Server

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Sometimes your query gives you very bad performance because of statistics as SQL database engine Query optimizer uses statistics to create query plans. Updated statistics will give you good performance.

To get the statistics information for a particular database, you can use the below script. You can update the statistics by using the below stored procedure.

exec sp_updatestats


-- ============================ --
-- Owner: SOYELUDDIN BISWAS     --
-- Created Date: 03/10/2019     --
-- Email: --
-- ============================ --
--select OBJECT_ID('#AllStatistics')
--Please run this query to specifc database to get all the statistics informations
DECLARE @UpdateDate DateTime;
DECLARE @NoOfRows BigInt

IF OBJECT_ID('tempdb..#AllStatistics') IS NOT NULL DROP TABLE #AllStatistics
CREATE TABLE #AllStatistics
TableName NVARCHAR(100),
StatName NVARCHAR(100),
UpdateDate DateTime,
NoOfRows BigInt
INSERT INTO #AllStatistics exec sp_MSforeachtable 
'SELECT OBJECT_NAME(stat.object_id),, 
FROM sys.stats AS stat   
CROSS APPLY sys.dm_db_stats_properties(stat.object_id, stat.stats_id) AS sp  
WHERE stat.object_id = object_id(''?'') and not like ''_WA_%'''

TableName AS [Table Name],
StatName as [Statistics Name],
UpdateDate as[Last Update Time],
NoOfRows as [No of rows] 
from #AllStatistics Order by 1 ASC

DROP TABLE #AllStatistics
-- rows= Total number of rows in the table or indexed view when statistics were last updated. 


SQL Database statistics
SQL Database statistics

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