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All about SQL Server KT

Knowledge Transfer

Knowledge Transfer in IT Companies

In the IT industry, knowledge transfer is the process of sharing technical and/or business knowledge between individuals or groups. It is a critical process for companies in order to maintain a competitive edge and keep up with the ever-changing landscape of technology. There are many different methods and mechanisms that can be used to facilitate knowledge transfer, but it is important to choose the right ones for your company and your specific needs. In this article, we will cover what knowledge transfer is, why it is important in the IT industry and some of the different processes and mechanisms that can be used to facilitate it.

All about SQL Server KT

  • An environment description (including Servers, Operating Systems, products with editions and fix packs installed and a brief on the clients and how the clients reach the servers,  gateways if exist, an so on).
  • A database description – a list with all databases, including server and instance, if they are in production or development, the developer or people “owner” of the data in the database in order to contact in case of problems.
  • Backup and restore strategies, products used for this, scripts and so on
  • What jobs are run on the servers?  Their schedule, purpose, duration etc.
  • When Rebuild and Reorganize are done, is there a manual process or is programmed, and if programmed where and how.
  • Linked servers if any.
  • Daily checklist that is normally performed.
  • Usernames and passwords.
  • Brief on the applications using these servers.
  • Normal files sizes and maintenance tasks performed.
  • Statistics updating?
  • Common Issues – what kind of errors to expect.
  • What are the manual tasks he performs – Daily, Weekly, Monthly & Annually.

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