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SQL DBA Regular Alerts & Tickets (Service Request and Incident)

Ticketing tools

Customer Raised Tickets

  • Unable to connect to SQL Server
  • Unable to access a database
  • Unable to identify a table
  • Want to run a script, but need DBA assistance
  • Queries are running slow
  • Queries are failing due to space issues (Logfile full or Data file full)
  • Server is running/responding slow
  • Customers not able to find replicated data in subscribers. Reports are failing.
  • Customer trying to access the table in another instance through Linked Server, but not able to query it.
  • Customer asks for Adhoc restore in another server.

Monitoring Tool/Alerts Raised

  • Space issues (Log File Full, Data File Full) 90% Full
  • Job Failures
  • CPU 100%
  • Memory 100%
  • Blockings
  • Deadlocks
  • Database Crash
  • Corruption (DB, Page)
  • Log Shipping Out of Sync
  • Mirroring Out of Sync
  • Replication Out of Sync
  • Node failures in a cluster.