Finding Active Sessions in SQL Server

Introduction In this blog post, we will dive into the world of active sessions and requests in SQL Server. We will learn how to extract valuable information about these sessions…

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Identify and Store Active Transactions

Scenario How to Identify and Store Currently Running Queries in a Table? To retrieve information about currently executing requests on a Microsoft SQL Server database, we can use several Dynamic…

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Find active transactions by duration

Recently frequently we faced blocking issues on our production server. The main reason that I understand, recently we merged a few SQL servers and migrated all databases to a single…

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Daily Commands for Database Administrators

As a database administrator (DBA), navigating the vast landscape of database management can be challenging and rewarding. It’s important to be able to execute the commands necessary to simplify day-to-day…

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Find Open Transactions on a SQL Server

Understanding DBCC OPENTRAN DBCC OPENTRAN is a SQL Server database console command (DBCC) that lets administrators to access information about the database's oldest current transaction, as well as the oldest…

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All About DBCC and DMV Interview Question 

What is the use of DBCC commands?  DBCC stands for Database Console Commands, a few of us also call it database consistency checker. There are many DBCC commands in SQL Server. We…

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