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Step By Step Installation Of Microsoft SQL Server 2016


In this post, we will try to show step by step Microsoft SQL Server 2016 installation on Windows Server 2012R2. Microsoft SQL Server 2017 is the latest stable version of SQL Server now. Latest Cumulative Update Package 9 for SQL Server 2016 SP2 – KB4515435. For demonstration purposes only I am installing SQL Server in my personal laptop on the mentioned OS.

Mount SQL Server 2016 iso

Mount SQL Server 2016 installation iso file and start the installation by clicking setup.exe.


In the planning section click ‘System Configuration Checker‘, it will check all prerequisite and properties for the SQL Server installation environment.

Global rules

It will show all prerequisite & properties for the SQL Server installation environment. Make sure that no ‘Failed’ should be on the list.


Firstly select New SQL Server Stand-alone installation choice like the following.

Product key

Enter Product key of SQL Server or select ‘Evalution

license terms

Accept the license terms.

Install rules

Click the Next button to continue.

Feature Selection

This step is very important, we need to choose the right features that we will use in the database. Here in the installation, I am excluding R-Services, PolyBase, Analysis Services, Reporting Services & Integration Services. By default Instance, the root directory will be in C drive.

Instance Configuration

Here we should name SQL Server instance in this step. If you don’t name it, you can choose the default Instance.

Server Configuration

We should type service account information to run SQL Server services. Click on ‘Account Name’ drop down box and select browse.

Type account name and then check. Here ‘sanjay’ is a login in ‘beta.local’ domain.

Here sanjay@beta.local is my service account. Click OK

Use the same account for all or use different service accounts as per requirement. Put passwords respectively, check the tick in ‘Grant Perform….’

Define Collation ( Character set ) of SQL Server instance according to your application, software. This property cannot be changed after installation. So define it correctly.

Database Engine Configuration

We should specify the Authentication mode of SQL Server in this step. I recommend choosing Mixed mode ( Windows authentication and SQL Server authentication ). If you choose the mixed mode, you should type sa account password. We should add the current user to the SQL Server administrators.

Specify data directories of SQL Server ( Data, log and backup directory ) like the following.

Specify TempDB settings like the following.

Enable FILESTREM as per your requirement.

Distributed Reply Controller

Select current user

Distributed Reply

Distributed Reply Client

No need to change, keep default

Ready to install

You can see the summary of the SQL Server 2016 installation in this step before installation start.

Installation Process

Click the Install button to start the installation.


Installation is completed

Configuration manager

Open configuration manager and check the SQL Server status.

Connect with SSMS

Now we can connect SQL server 2016 by using SQL Server management studio.