Checking SQL Server Job History by Script

Mainly msdb.dbo.sysjobs and msdb.dbo.sysjobhistory contains all major information regarding the SQL Server job and its running status and history. We may directly query both objects and get the details or…

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Find active transactions by duration

Recently frequently we faced blocking issues on our production server. The main reason that I understand, recently we merged a few SQL servers and migrated all databases to a single…

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Change Default TCP Port in SQL Server

Change Default TCP Port in SQL Server When any version or edition of MSSQL Server is installed, by default it's installed on default port 1433. By default, we need to…

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Find database size when it is offline

Hi, Tech Giants! What new to me today? Yeah, We did a SQL Server migration activity or we can say a side-by-side up-gradation activity. From our DBA side, it's almost…

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