Find blocking by T-SQL Queries

Blocking is an unavoidable and by-design characteristic of any relational database management system (RDBMS) with lock-based concurrency. As mentioned previously, in SQL Server, blocking occurs when one session holds a…

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Find Server Information by TSQL script

Display all Server Information by using TSQL script The below listed all SQL Server Information can be retrieved by a TSQL script. But before that, we need to Enable xp_cmdshell…

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Backup & Restore Multiple Databases

Backup and restore all databases from an old SQL server and restore it on new SQL server. The number of databases are approx 99+. Let's try to make backup and…

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Fixing Orphaned Users in SQL Server

Introduction In easier terms, a 'Login' is like an entry pass to get into a SQL Server, and a 'User' is like an entry pass to access a specific database…

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